What is The Zone?

Research has shown that colored lights, guided imagery and relaxing sounds and music can enhance relaxation, focus and mindfulness. The Zone uses these elements to create a uniquely peaceful environment that pulls visitors away from the distractions, worries and concerns of everyday life.

When your body is relaxed, your conscious and unconscious minds operate in congruence and are better equipped to shed negative ideas, thoughts, and perceptions. Sessions at The Zone provide you with a means to reprogram and retrain your daily thoughts. Sufficient focus and concentration will allow you to move past mental limitations that have held you back your entire life.

Below are specific descriptions of how The Zone is able to help visitors achieve these goals:

“We Call The ZONE the Pod”

Welcome to The Pod

You’ll begin your Zone session by getting settled in The Pod. Pillows support your head and knees, ensuring your comfort as your assistant leads you through a series of personalized stimulation treatments, including light, music and vibration therapy. In addition to helping you bridge the gap between your unconscious and conscious minds with guided exercises, your assistant will be responsible for ensuring your experience in The Pod goes uninterrupted by external distractions.

Guided Messaging

Barbara Saint John, nationally acclaimed grief specialist, behavior modification coach, author and lecturer, will serve as your guide during your visit to The Zone. With over 35 years of experience as a certified grief specialist, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) , weight management and relationship consultant, and transformational therapist, Saint John is uniquely qualified to support Zone visitors during their time in The Pod.


Calming vibrations, when used in tandem with multicolored lights, music and guided imagery, can help make your body more receptive to other forms of mental and behavioral therapy. Visitors can experience the benefits of vibration stimulation by stepping into The Zone.

Music Therapy

Researchers are steadily identifying physiological impacts of music, including how sound vibrations improve blood flow and blood pressure. Scientists have also linked musical performance and appreciation to important brain centers like memory, speech, emotion and reward. Music has the power to lift your spirits and relax you, and The Pod is designed to maximize those effects for your benefit. Even those with hearing impairments can benefit from the combination of vibrations and imagery experienced while inside The Zone.

Light Therapy

Scientists have begun to identify how different color wavelengths of light influence human behavior. Common applications of the technique, such as the use of a nightlight to reduce anxiety in children, is just one example of how light therapy can contribute toward creating meaningful emotional experiences. Similarly, those diagnosed with insomnia and other symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder are sometimes instructed by doctors to add specialized lighting to the inside of their homes.

The Zone leverages the same principles of light therapy to assist visitors in relaxation and focus. This multi-source light exposure, personalized to meet the visitors specific emotional needs, helps to enhance the impact of these guided imagery session.