Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a professional at the top of your game or fitness fanatic looking maximize their workout, you want to be at your best when you play and practice. Even when your body is in tip top shape, your mind can still hold you back from reaching the next plateau.

The Zone has helped athletes, amateurs and hobbyists to relax their minds prior to big performance and important games. We specialize in creating focus-friendly spaces where outside distractions are neutralized.

When you visit The Zone, you will meet with experienced counselors dedicated to helping visiting athletes get their heads back into the game. Together, you’ll explore your own personal thought process, identify threats to your focus and develop a process to find your own zone during critical in-game moments.


Inside the Pod, you let go of feelings of insecurity and uncertainty. Your therapists will use a combination of guided imagery, music therapy, light therapy, subtle muscle vibration, removing outside distractions to help you reach a state of deep relaxation.

Through the relaxation techniques you learn, you will more quickly be able to relax and release the anxiety, fear and worry that you may be experiencing in your game.


Inside The Pod, guided imagery will encourage you to release feelings of insecurity and uncertainty that could prevent you leaving it all out on the field. The combination of music, light, muscle vibration and guided imagery eliminate distractions from your mind and achieve a state of deep relaxation. The more relaxed you can become, the less anxiety you’ll carry with you on game day.Completing sessions at The Zone will help you to:

  • Guide your brain naturally into a relaxed state to improve focus and concentration
  • Combat fears and anxieties by visualizing your own success
  • Cast out external distractions during the height of the action
  • Build self-confidence through image training
  • Improve breathing habits for better peak performance

Now there’s a new way to improve your focus and performance during clutch plays.

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