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Bruce Arians uses a casket-like “chill zone”

What does Cardinals coach Bruce Arians do to relax? Apart from having an occasional (or more frequently) cocktail, Arians uses a “chill zone.” On Tuesday’sPFT Live on NBC Sports Radio, Andrea Kremer ofHBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel explained what it is.

“He has this, I almost don’t even know how to describe it,” Kremer said. “You kind of have to see it, and you will. This is a horrible analogy, it looks a casket. It’s this gigantic wooden box that’s got music and these crystals in it, and these lights. It sounds pretty new age here, Mike, and he lays in it and he calls it the ‘chill zone.’ There is some science behind it, and you turn the different colors depending on if you want to sort of tone it down or amp yourself up. He gets in there once a week, every week during the football season. He’s got device at home in Georgia, he’s got a place where he goes in Phoenix, and he just chills out.

“He maintains that this helps him literally maintain his cool, that it just relaxes him. Now this does not prevent him from drinking his Crown Royal, which has that same effect, but I had no idea he uses this thing. So he showed it to us, it was pretty interesting and it’s not like he just talks about it, you actually, see this thing and it’s just crazy looking. So I had no idea that he did this and you know what, you talk about the copycat league. It did occur to me, ‘Wow, if he went to the Super Bowl and this works I wonder if this is going to be good for business.’”

If it’s good for business, it will be good for Arians. His wife, Chris, is one of the owners of the company that makes relaxation booths or chambers available, at a cost of $299 for three one-hour sessions.

Other Cardinals coaches use it, too, and it’s likely something that will indeed spread if/when the Cardinals take the next step or two, getting to the Super Bowl and winning it with Arians and his staff running the show.

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