There’s no way to prepare for the loss of a loved one, and the flood of emotions that follows is equally impossible to predict. Feelings of sorrow, abandonment, fear, guilt, anger and depression are common and natural.

Grief is a personal journey, and visitors to The Zone receive guidance in how to make that journey as constructive and cathartic as possible. Understanding why and how you grieve is key to moving forward.  Barbara Saint John, co-founder of The Zone and certified grief specialist, works directly with patients who visit to work through feelings of loss and grief to design a personalized session that meets their needs.

Techniques learned at The Zone can help visitors to achieve a sense of relaxation in spite of worry, anxiety and fear.  By learning to quickly relax in the face of overwhelming negative emotion, you’ll be better equipped to deal with grief and loss.

Everywhere Nowhere - No One Really Dies As Long As You're Alive

Barbara Saint John's latest book on Grief and Loss

This book was written as part of Barbara Saint John's grief exercises over the course of three years. Co-Author, Daniel J. Marco, writes of his indescribable loss after the tragic murder of his son Zachary Marco.  They wrote this book to share their perspectives in this compelling, comforting, hopeful tale of survival and moving from tragedy to a new normal. visit:, to learn more.

You may also order the book through, an Amazon Company, Here: Order Now - Everywhere Nowhere

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