Chris Arians, Co-founder and CEO

Christine Arians is a woman of many hats. One of those pieces of headgear happens to be a helmet as wife of Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians. Her newest hat? Owner of The Zone in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Zone is a sensory stimulation chamber that helps visitors escape the nerves and nagging worries of the daily grind through zenful relaxation. The environment's light, sound, vibrations image therapies can help visitors to boost their mental focus and perform at their peak when they need it the most.

Christine first encountered sensory stimulation when she visited her physician in Pittsburgh and experienced the relaxing combination of light, music and gentle vibration within a small chamber that sealed off outside distractions and stimuli. She credits this therapy to greater relaxation, regained energy and relief from her arthritis.

When the Arians family moved to Arizona, Christine got in touch with Scottsdale grief specialist named Barbara Saint John, an associate of Christine’s physician in Pittsburgh. After meeting with Barbara, the two decided to combine the benefits of sensory stimulation with Barbara’s techniques to help those stricken by grief, in need of relaxation and struggling to focus. The end result? The Zone in Scottsdale.
Christine has lived a self-described “scattered” life. A Virginia Tech and Temple University graduate, Christine married her highschool sweetheart Bruce before going on to practice law in 5 states (PA, NJ,MS, MO, IND).

Christine has been a longtime advocate of children in need of support when navigating the legal system, and served three times as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children. After moving to Arizona in 2013, Christine and Bruce formed the Arians Family Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. The foundation offers “A Voice for Children” and supports and develops programs that strive to prevent and ameliorate the abuse and neglect of children.

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Net proceeds from The Zone go to the Arians Family Foundation, which supports several youth advocacy programs throughout the state of Arizona.

Barbara Saint John, the voice of The ZONE

Barbara Saint John, the voice of The Zone, is a nationally acclaimed grief specialist, lecturer, author, relationship consultant, behavior modification specialist and businesswomen.  She has had consistent success in applying various tools and techniques to help individuals, couples, families and businesses to cope with the stresses, anxieties and losses that we all encounter in life.

When Barbara and Christine Arians joined forces to found The Zone in 2013, Barbara aimed to use her her vocal skills and relaxation techniques to help visitors find healthier perspectives on loss, stresses, and relationships struggles.

Barbara uses awareness techniques to gain insights into how visitors to The Zone can adjust their thoughts and behaviors to become more successful. Her goal is to assist those in The Zone to experience harmony between physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitive selves.

Barbara has written, produced and recorded several educational and motivational CDs and relaxation programs. Barbara's most recent book and audio recording on grief is titled Everywhere Nowhere (

Please visit to learn more about her private practice, books and motivational materials.