You’d do anything for your kids, but hugs and encouraging words aren’t always sufficient. Parents of children with high anxiety face this reality on a daily basis. They often see their child’s stress issues manifest as symptoms like insomnia, isolation and aggression, and are left feeling powerless to address the root cause.

At The Zone, we create a safe environment for your child to meditate on these turbulent emotions and how their behavior impacts the emotions of others. Lying in The Pod, your children will experience deep relaxation during an age-appropriate creative guided imagery session, helping them to relax and internalize new behaviors.

The Zone’s child-focused guided creative imagery session equips children with strategies for overcoming their fears and anxiety by deflecting negativity in thoughts, words and actions. The session is supplemented by rejuvenating, refreshing light therapy that helps to reinforce the effectiveness of guided imagery.

Your children know how much you care about them, and The Zone will let you show your love in a new way by helping them address the problems that are bugging them the most.

Consciously, your children know how much you love them and are doing all you can to help them succeed. The ZONE helps you subconsciously reinforce those efforts.

Now you have a way to help your child modify their behavior. Call today at (480) 729-6228, to schedule a visit.