What is The Zone?
Positive Energy Through Light, Sound and Vibration

Christine Arians, wife of Bruce Arians, coach of the Arizona Cardinals, explains The Zone

The Zone’s pod environment provides mental and emotional alignment through relaxation, focus and concentration. The pod, a state-of-the-art sensory stimulation chamber, supports visitors by removing outside distractions and engulfing their bodies with positive energy and stimuli. The Zone allows visitors to take a proactive approach to dealing with stress, grief and performance anxiety via guided light, sound, vibration and image therapy.

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  • grief_logo_service_cropped Grief Processing

    Grief is our natural response to the tragedy of death and loss. Every human being experiences grief in their own way, so a bit of introspective clarity can make all the difference in figuring out how to move forward. The focus and concentration facilitated by The Zone could be the key to unlocking those insights.

  • sports_logo_service_cropped Sports Performance

    Sports superstars and expert practitioners perform at their best when distractions and anxieties are pushed to the wayside. The Zone has helped athletes, amateurs and hobbyists of all types to clear their mind prior to the big game by helping them achieve a sense of greater balance within a disturbance-free space.

  • kids_logo_service_cropped Child Behavior Modification

    It’s important for every growing child to understand their feelings, as well as take into consideration the feelings of others. Many child behavioral issues are rooted in this lack of understanding. At The Zone, guided relaxation and meditation can help kids to better comprehend themselves and the world around them.


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  • brain_icon-01 Guided Messaging

    After stepping into The Pod, a calming voice will lead you on a journey of self-discovery. Guided imagery in a disturbance-free environment can help you achieve your desired goal of working through grief, eliminating problematic behaviors or achieving a higher sense of daily focus.

  • music_icon Music Therapy

    Don’t underestimate the therapeutic power of music, especially when soothing sound waves are combined with relaxing images and lights. Even those with hearing impairments can benefit from the combination of vibrations and imagery experienced while visiting The Zone.

  • vibrations-01 Vibration

    Calming vibrations, when used in tandem with multicolored lights, music and guided imagery, can help make your body more receptive to other forms of mental and behavioral therapy. Visitors can experience the benefits of vibration stimulation by stepping into The Zone.

  • sun_ray-01 Light Therapy

    Careful exposure to colored lights, in combination with guided imagery and music therapy, can greatly contribute to achieving relaxation. At The Zone, guided imagery leads visitors through a light-based relaxation session that can assist them in working through their anxieties.


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Testimonials Hear From Those Who've Entered The Zone

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    “This was a very unique and relaxing experience. The concept of physical restructuring in a safe, comfortable, pleasant, environment is an essential element in enabling the mind to quiet itself and regenerate. Extraordinary!”

    Karen, RN, Scottsdale

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    “Felt calm and deeply relaxed. It was very peaceful and a deep experience. I could feel myself falling deeper into a heavy state of relaxation. I was at a point where I was so relaxed, I don’t think I could have spoken or moved if wanted to. I loved hearing Barbara’s voice. …”

    Tana, Interior Decorator, Scottsdale

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    “I am possibly a late bloomer to the golf scene, having just taken it up in my late 60’s. I have been greatly motivated by “The Zone” sessions, as mental preparation and balance are so important in sports. Barbara’s guided mental rehearsal was very beneficial and helped me to execute every shot. I feel positive and play golf everyday with my new golf dialog.”

    Joan, Retired Teacher, Canada

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    “My GOLF GAME was “LIGHTS OUT!!” the next morning after my Zone session.”

    Bruce Arians

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